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75RedSox.JPGI'm proud to have contributed to the newly published book, '75: The Red Sox Team that Saved Baseball. It is a collection of short biographies on all the members of the fabled '75 Red Sox, who came up one game short in the best World Series ever played. It is so much easier to think about them, in the post-2004 glow, now isn't it?

Anyway, I wrote the Juan Beniquez biography, and it was a humbling experience. Of course, I waited until the last minute to get started, but I did a pretty good job getting the words down, I thought. I tried to get in touch with Mr. Beniquez, having gotten a number in Puerto Rico that I thought was his. But despite leaving many messages over a period of a couple of weeks, I never did get a chance to talk to him, which was unfortunate because I was unable to add any pre- or post-baseball experience to my bio.

But I did get an extensive writeup of his baseball career and sent it off for initial editing. It came back with some excellent suggestions, so I incorporated them and sent it off again. This time, though, it went to a fact checker. And boy, was I embarassed when I got the reply - talk about an ugly smackdown! I got even the simplest fact wrong, like screwing up his major league debut (I mentioned his first atbats, when in fact, he had appeared in the game before as a fielder - doh!). It was a sobering experience, but I'm looking forward to writing some more in the future!

It was a great project, edited magnificently by Bill Nowlin and Cecilia Tan, and coordinated perfectly by David Southwick, all proud SABR Boston chapter members, as are nearly all the authors. It is fascinating reading and I encourage you all to take a look, if you are in the slightest a Boston Red Sox, or even baseball, fan. | Nowlin, Bill & Cecilia Tan - '75: The Red Sox Team that Saved Baseball

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Did you ever hear from Juan Beniquez after that? I too have struggled to get in touch with him. Thanks, Lee

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