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Phew! These blogs sure suck up a lot of time! I just spent several hours on this blog, trying to clean up the formatting and add a couple of things. Didn't seem like it would be all that much work, but before I knew it, time had just slithered on by! Here's a short run down of the changes:
  • Biggest one - I got the formatting of comments working! I've gone away from the "deprecated" popup comment window, and now you just do comments right on the individual entry page. I've also added links to sign in via either TypeKey or OpenID.
  • I went to the three column listing on all the archive pages: monthly, category (see right sidebar for these two) and individual.
  • I added a "Best of..." collection in the left hand sidebar. Just a few posts I'd like to highlight.
  • Our weather sticker in the lower left. This shows our current weather conditions, with a link to our page on Wunderground and a direct link to the fancy weather page.
  • I tweak the format of the title bar a bit too, plus some other minor formatting fiddling.
And that took like 4 hours worth of fiddling, and I still have some more to do. Double phew!

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