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For today's Random 10, I went downstairs and grabbed a random 10 CDs from the shelf and will rip a few songs from each, picking one from each for today's list.

Security cover
  • Peter Gabriel - "Shock The Monkey" (Security [1982]) : Former Genesis member, this is the album just before his huge breakout So, but this song was a pretty big hit for Gabriel. Very strange album cover that proudly proclaims "FULL DIGITAL RECORDING". Woo Hoo!
  • Single Gun Theory - "From A Million Miles" (Like Stars in My Hand [1991]) : Cool, blue Australian new wave group, in the Dead Can Dance / Cocteau Twins mold. Lots of catchy music, perhaps a little too detached, but still good to listen to.
  • Sonny Boy Williamson - "Don't Start Me Talking" (Down and Out Blues [1959]) : I love dem blues, and Sonny Boy is a classic icon. Old fashioned, almost bebop, harmonica/piano/guitar blues.
  • They Might Be Giants - "Birdhouse in Your Soul" (Flood [1990]) : What a great record from one of the quirkiest bands around, these local boys are still making great records. Their major label debut, with lots of short poppy and funny songs (someone moved your chair? getting a rock?), it is a CD still in heavy rotation here. I could rip every song from this.
  • Bob Dylan - "Rainy Day Women #12 and 35" (Blonde on Blonde [1966]) : Not much you can say about this guy that hasn't already been said a million times before. This double album is an early classic, with plenty of sophisticated lyrics (and some not so much, like this one's "Everyone must get stoned...":-), musical styles galore and enough weirdness for a dozen albums. Definitely one to be listened to over and over.
  • Lush - "Single Girl" (Lovelife [1996]) : One of my favorite albums over the last 10 years or so, this cut is actually from a 4 song promo disc I got from WZBC, the Boston College radio station, when I contributed to a fund raiser. This song is great for air guitar; a definite 'crank it up' when riding in the car. Really good guitar riff.
  • Loudon Wainwright III - "Whatever Happened to Us" (A Live One [1979]) : What a funny, cynical songwriter, and this CD is some of his best stuff. I've seen him live a few times myself, and he is quite a kick! How about this description of a relationship imploding:
    Why you broke my proverbial heart
    We used to be in love but now we are in hate
    You used to say I came too early
    But it was you who came too late
    Boy meets girl & they give it a whirl
    And the very next thing you know
    She thinks he's nuts & he hates her guts
    Then the bad blood starts to flow
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Head On" (Best of MTV's 120 Minutes, Vol. 2 [1991]) : Great rock'n'roll song from a great compilation of alternative rock bands from the 80s. Never Mind The Mainstream... was a popular "alternative" show on MTV, and this CD really rocks. I dare you to keep your feet still during this song! And there are plenty more here too.
  • Depeche Mode - "Everything Counts [Bomb Beyond the Yalu Mix]" (Just Say Mao: Volume III of Just Say Yes [1989]) : Another one of Sire's "Just Say Yes" samplers, this one has a some good songs, although fewer that caught my ears than the others. Really different mix for this Depeche Mode hit; more instrumental and synths. Interesting quote from AllMusic in the Vol 2 review:
    Granted, the various volumes in the Just Say Yes series do sound like the final death cry of '80s rock, but there's a very good reason for that: They were the final death cry of '80s rock.
  • Al Stewart - "Song on the Radio" (Time Passages [1978]) : Glasgow folk / pop singer's great follow up to his smash hit Year of the Cat, this one too has some great stories, all told by his wonderfully mellow voice. This song rocks out little more than the more well-known title track. A great 6 minute story.
    Cause you and me baby
    I saw you there
    Straight away I knew
    There's really no hiding
    I'll tell you right now
    What we're gonna do
    We'll go collecting the days
    Putting the moments away
    You're on my mind like a
    Song on the Radio

    I don't know what it was that was painful
    But sometimes it's there in your face
    There are times when you just look disdainful
    Of the human race
    Ah, but then on the wings of emotion
    We circle each other in flight
    Till together we roll like the ocean
    In its bed at night

There, I've added a few more songs to my hard drive; I'm up to 180 songs. Still no sign of my MP3 player, though:-(

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