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Paul English, someone who I vaguely knew when I worked at Interleaf, has a really cool web page. It's called the "IVR Cheat Sheet", where IVR stands for... hmm, I'm not sure! But basically it is a list of numbers so you can avoid voice recordings and jump straight to a human being. It's on my quick links bar now:-)

IVR Cheat Sheet(tm) by Paul English


IVR is "In Vitro Realization", the process of discovering truth in the laboratory.

No, it's "Infinite Vascular Response", the process by which Superman's muscles gain their superstrength.

Okay, I actually know this one -- it's "Interactive Voice Response", the industry name for automatic telephone systems that guide you through menus of choices. I used to write software people would use to build IVR systems, at a company called Voicetek (in Newton, then Chelmsford) in the late 1980's.


I looked on Paul's page to see if "IVR" was explained anyway, to no avail. And I tried to imagine what it could actually stand for, again coming up short.

And now I see why!

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