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Here are some cool links I've found over the last couple of weeks. I figure I'll just document them here, saving them for future reference, and if someone else finds them interesting, all the better!

  • Ask Yahoo : they answer one question per day, with a nice archive of previous questions. It's pretty fun, and I have it added to my RSS subscription on Bloglines.
  • For the computer programmers out there, the full text of the classic software engineering title, "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs", and associated lectures from MIT.
  • Alternet.org's 10 best Top Ten lists : in honor of the season, a top ten lists of top ten lists.
  • Flickr.mov : A very cool Quicktime movie; a song that uses free Flickr pictures to illustrate the lyrics. It was written around the images, and not vice-versa.
  • Perils of Java Schools : Joel Spotsky, software developer and entrepreneur, writes an excellent column on software engineering. In this one, he rails against college CS courses that make it too easy on the students by using Java.
  • Microsoft Codename Max : a beta version of Max, which is a photo album/sharing net application.
  • Live.com : Microsoft's take on a Start page, using fancy AJAX technology, for a real live Web application. Be sure to check out their take on Google Maps, Windows Live Local.
  • Writely.com : an online browser-based word processor. Publish to your blog, save as a real web page, whatever. More fancy AJAX technology.
  • Start.com : yet another Microsoft Start page. Not really sure how this differs from Live.com.
  • MSN Sandbox : previews of upcoming Microsoft web and Windows apps, like Virtual Earth and Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware.
  • Protopage.com : Some really fancy AJAX technology at work here on this personalizable start page. Drag and drop windows, add views, etc.
  • Extracts from the Club Diary : cute short story about coffee.
  • this WEEK in TECH : a very cool podcast featuring Leo Laporte, great ex-host of Tech TV before they screwed it all up, John Dvorak and other tech nerds. That's where a lot of these links from this week come from.

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I believe I was in the first university class to ever have "6.001" taught outside MIT; Brandeis fall semester 1985. Hal Abelson came once a week for lecture, and a B-deis professor did 2 sessions a week. I also TA'd it the next year, so it's a book near and dear to my heart. Best computer-science class EVAR. Though B-deis changed it from being the inro course for co-sci majors to being the second class in the spring; BARF.

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