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Short list for today, as I've been really crunched for time. I tended to put on the CDs and let them play through, rather than picking and choosing ahead of time.

Cumbre by Sukay
  • Sukay - "Tierra De Vicuñas" (Cumbre (The Summit) [1990]) : I was on a business trip to Seattle a few years ago (once again, probably more than I care to imagine, actually!), and I stopped to listen to a group playing music outside of Pike Market, a very cool place in central Seattle. It was Andean music, with pipes and classical guitar and the like. I really enjoyed their music, so I picked up this CD. Some really cool instrumental pieces here. This one opens the CD and is, like most of the others, pretty upbeat and exciting.
  • The Silencers - "A Letter From St. Paul" (A Letter From St. Paul [1987]) : Quite possibly my all time favorite album, certainly in my Top Ten, as every track is wonderful, culminating in this mysterious letter from a psychotic woman living in St. Paul Minnesota.
  • Mike Oldfield - "Family Man" (Five Miles Out [1982]) : Another one of my favorite artists. Most know him from "Tubular Bells", used as the theme from The Exorcist (even if the director later said he would have used Tangerine Dream instead if he had heard their music then), but he has a large body of art, including multimedia and movies, that deserve a bigger audience. This CD is an example, including a couple of nice long arrangements, as well as this song, later turned into a hit by Hall and Oates.
  • Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares - "Svatba" (Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares [1987?]) : The Womens Choir of Bulgaria brings their haunting voices to an early 4AD CD. Nice music to put on when your concentrating on something else, as the emotions come through irregardless of the language barrier or your level of concentration. We saw them in concert many years ago, and I even still have the shirt.
  • The Chills - "Male Monster From The Id" (Soft Bomb [1992]) : From a CD I don't remember why I bought it, but am sure glad I did. An excellent power pop group, hailing from New Zealand, The Chills put out some dynamite records. Unfortunately, I showed up late to the party, as this was one of their final CDs, and by all accounts their weakest. Still, it's got some nice jangly pop songs, including this one.

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