I Drink Alone


Michael couldn't make it over last night, so I was forced to entertain myself. Oddly enough, I did the same old things - play computer games and try a new drink. I didn't watch anything afterwards, though, so I'm not completely a creature of habit!

For the cocktail, I tried a variation on my favorite "simple" drink, the rum and coke. Normally, here at Chez A-n-A'ze, we use either Bacardi White rum or Captain Morgan's Spiced rum, depending on the mood and sometimes merely which bottle is easier to reach. Much like vodka, certain rums hit that sweet spot between being rotgut and being too fancy to mix, and for us Bacardi and Captain Morgan do the trick. Anything cheaper, and it begins to taste pretty awful. Anything more expensive, and it tends to sweeten up and not really mix well with coke.

The other day I noticed a new kind of Captain Morgan, called Tattoo. It is, I believe, a dark rum (or rums) given the "spiced" Captain Morgan treatment. I thought it would be fun to try, so I picked up a bottle. And so I figured last night would be a good chance to give it a try. My recipe, such as it is: fill a big glass full of ice cubes, pour in about 1/3 rum and top with Coca-Cola Classic (not Pepsi, or any variation on Coke here). Plop a lime wedge in there, drop in a bendy straw, and you're good to go.

And I thought the Tattoo worked very nicely. It wasn't too sweet, although it came close enough that this would probably be something I would start the night with, before swapping to one of the regulars. It stood up very nicely to the Coke and will remain in my liquor cabinet.

For gaming, I've been hooked, as I mentioned earlier, on The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. It's bloom has faded somewhat, though, as I'm not sure my character is going to work out in the world. And I'm not sure I'm gung ho enough on the game to begin anew with a new character. But still, I've been playing it pretty much any time I have a bit of free time, and it has been pretty fun, so I guess I can't complain yet. I played until about midnight last night, actually getting partially through the first major quest.


Tattoo is yummy! I'm not quite addicted, but could end up in AA!!! It's good straight from the freezer, too!

Thanks for the reminder! Before the long weekend starts, I'll need to refresh my liquor cabinet and this is one bottle that needs renewing.

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