Life, Forgetfulness and Oblivion


Not too many updates lately. I've been sucked in by a new computer game - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a vast computer RPG. It's not that I haven't been writing, as I've been blogging my experiences in the game in Yet Another Blog, called From Here To Oblivion. I've always written better with a nudge in a particular direction. I used to be aces when it came to my high school compositions, which required us to use the words from the spelling list. On more than one occasion, I would whip one up for a classmate before class started! So this gives me a hook to write about. Check it out!

On a more depressing note, I had intended to go to see Spider (aka Jane Herships) last night at the Lily Pad, but completely forgot about it. So sad indeed. So I've been drowning my sorrows in Bitter Lake all day instead. It's an awful thing, this getting older and even more scatter-brained than before, something I never thought possible (getting more scatterbrained, that is).

Next week, I'm going to see Coldplay up in New Hampshire with a friend. I'll be sure to put that in my Palm, or I'll forget yet again. I'm not really all that familiar with Coldplay, but I'm willing to go to a show. It'll be opened by Richard Ashcroft, former lead of Verve. I talked about their awful copyright battles here.

I did finally get a new set of headphone for the computer. For some reason, the mic on my fancy Plantronics USB headphones, which I really liked, just stopped working. The sound worked okay, but no voice. Kind of important in my line of work (video conferencing software). So I picked up a pretty expensive Logitech headphone last week but, just like the previous Logitech headphone, it was dreadful. So uncomfortable, squeezing my ears with hard plastic. Yech! So I returned them today, and ordered a Sennheiser PC160 late last week, and those just happened to arrive today as well. Wow, what a difference! The sonic quality is spectacular in these, and yup, they are even comfortable. Not as comfortable as the Plantronics, though. And they use the olde fashioned plugs, just as I was getting used to using USB. Now I have to get a switch that switched between the headphones and speakers.

I also picked up a new Toshiba portable DVD player. For Father's Day last year, the girls bought me a Nextbase tablet DVD player. It worked really well, especially in the car on long rides to keep the girls entertained. Best Father's Day Present Ever. But just before our last long journey, it stopped ejecting the dvds. The tray just won't come out. And with another trip planned to NH this weekend, I needed another one!

So I picked up this Toshiba 8.5 in. player for less than US$200 at Best Buy. It isn't a tablet player, but I think it might actually work out better, as it can sit on the tray between the front seats. And with two headphone jacks, my wife and I won't be forced to listen to the Care Bears' theme music any more! It's almost like cheating, to let them watched "tv" for an hour like that, but it is worth it for the peace and quiet!


Maybe it would help you to remember the Coldplay show if I stopped by your place on the way. ;-)

Yeah, that might help!

Yo, I missed the show as well . . . she'll be back.

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