Drinks of the Week - Blak & Kahlua and First the Money

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So I got a note a couple of weeks ago from a reader of this blog (yup, there are a couple - hi Peggy!), who asked if I had checked out the new Coca-Cola product, Coca-Cola Blak yet. Funny she should mention it, as I had just noticed it on my local grocer's shelf. My main question then was how to pronounce it. See, there's that little bar over the A, indicating a long 'a' sound, but maybe it's just a fancy typographic thing.

The package itself gives you very little to go on, calling it merely a "Carbonated Fusion Beverage". The list of ingredients gives a little bit more of a hint of what it might taste like, listing the usual Coca-Cola stuff, plus coffee extract and aspartame. Not sure why they felt the need to add both high fructose corn syrup and aspartame; maybe some people crave the icky aftertaste of aspartame? Not me. So I guess this "fusion" is between a Coke and a coffee-flavored drink.

I'm surprised that I haven't seen any ads for it. I suppose I should count my blessings; given the colossal Coke ad budget, I'm probably going to get inundated with the ads. My last attempt at a new beverage was some strange clear brew from Pepsi, and it had to be the most horrid thing I had ever pass over my tongue. So I wasn't counting on much, but I thought what the heck.

First I tried it by itself. It comes in a package of 4 tiny (8oz) glass(!) bottles, looking a little like the old fashioned Coke bottles. And it both tastes and smells like the ingredient list had warned - slightly Coke flavored, laced with coffee, with an artificial sweetener chaser. Not particularly wonderful, especially given the US$1.50 per bottle cost.

But Peggy said it really came into its own when paired with Kahlua, so I suckered Michael into trying a Kahlua and Blak for our first cocktail Wednesday evening. Kahlua and Coke is a not unheard of drink, although I'm not a huge Kahlua fan and thus it had so far escaped my table. But Kahlua and Blak worked out okay, I guess. The Kahlua was strong enough to pretty much overcome the aspartame aftertaste, and it really brought out the coffee flavoring. It also seems like Blak is a tad more fizzy than Classic Coke. So the drink was good enough to finish but not, I don't think, worth spending that kind of money on a "fusion beverage".

Our second cocktail was another variation on a rum and coke, the previously mentioned First The Money. But this time I tried a slight twist to this recipe, by using Tattoo, the spiced dark rum from Captain Morgan. I really like this in a straight R&C, but I think it really screwed this drink up. The dark spiced rum didn't work very well with the creme de menthe. And I still need to find the particular brand of coffee liqueur the book calls for, but I haven't yet found a purveyor of Toussaint's.

Then we went on to have a hard, long session at Serious Sam 2. We finished one level and came remarkably close to finishing a second, tough level. In typical Serious Sam fashion, the first time we played the level, we did very well, only falling short at the lava jumping puzzle. And then we proceeded to over-think the level, and struggled for about an hour. But then we got better and came within a whisker of finishing it, we think. Sometimes it can be hard to tell in Serious Sam if it is done throwing massive numbers of enemies at you, as wave after wave of impossible odds sweep down on you. But I'm pretty sure we were ooooooh so very close, but we never did pull it off. With any luck, another common Serious Sam happenstance will occur, whereby the first time back at a hard level, we finish it.

As it was (relatively) late, there was no time for any video watching. Michael lucked out, as I had forgotten to return the Nowhere Man DVD, so I was going to make him watch the last episode on this DVD. But I finally dropped it in the mail Friday, so we're done with that series. We'll go back to the Sopranos, then maybe watch Lost. Micheal likes that show, and I've been meaning to watch it once it came on DVD. I like to watch TV shows on my schedule, without reruns, thank you very much!

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*waves* Hey, i'm glad you gave it a try! It is far from the BEST drink i've ever tasted, but I did enjoy the fizzy and "cut through the sweet" with my Kahlua. Kind of a refreshing change for me.

If you find yourself wanting to pay that much for a coke, and just drink it alone again, then i recomend that you put it over ice. lol

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