Opening Day, 2006


Ahh, Opening Day... Of course, it isn't quite the same as Opening Day at Fenway Park, but still, to hear the crack of the bat and the snap of leather. The first pitch is within minutes, so I thought I would share a few nuggest gleamed from the Daily Game Notes:

  • Jason Varitek's 7th straight Opening Day start is a Red Sox record for a catcher. No one else even has 7 Opening Day starts, non-consecutive. Gedman & Sammy White had 6 Opening Day starts.
  • They have a 5 game Opening Day losing streak going, one short of the team record.
  • Mark Loretta is the 12th different 2nd baseman in the last 13 years. Only Bellhorn repeated in that
  • Every player on the 25 man roster has appeared in a major league game, and all but Papelbon has been on an Opening Day roster. Papelbon is the only rookie on the roster. Oldest player: Wells (42); youngest players: Wily Mo (24), Beckett (25) and Papelbon (25).
  • Yaz has the Red Sox record with 22 Opening Day appearances, 5 more than Dewey.
  • Wily Mo was originally signed as a non-drafted free agent by the Yankees in 1998. I guess scouting still isn't that perfect, eh?


Don't leave us in suspense.

>>Yaz has the Red Sox record with 22 Opening Day appearances, 5 more than...

Ooops, I fixed that - it was Dwight Evans.

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