Raindrops Keep Fallin'


Day 7 since we last saw the sun. And it is still pouring rain out there. In the map above, the weather pattern is usually west to east. But when we get into this weather pattern, the areas of rain that are to the southeast are actually moving up towards us in a big counter-clockwise motion. And thus we have much more rain in our immediate future.

And with it comes the record for most rain in the month of May. And the month isn't even half done with yet. Boston has had almost 7" of rain as of last night, with the threat of up to 5" more. It is more than making up for a relatively dry March and April, that's for sure.

The Red Sox game was canceled last night and is almost certainly going to be canceled this afternoon, meaning there's going to be a few doubleheaders in their future. It's especially tough with the games being against a non-divisional foe, who we don't play as much, making the rescheduling much trickier. I did watch a little bit of the Revolution game last night from Foxboro. I used to love playing soccer in the rain - you could make some long range slide tackles in the wet grass.

Didn't get as much indoor work done as I had hoped. I took the girls off Mother's Day shopping and we took our time about it. Now to run off and get some bagels for a breakfast in bed for Gabrielle. She works very hard for us. A short list of her regular every day duties for includes:

  • Deliver the girls to school and pick them up after
  • Laundry
  • Make snacks and lunches
  • Bring the girls to swimming and dance
  • Dressing, combing and Putin's bows in their hair
  • Make sure the girls have their homework and other stuff ready for school
  • Do homework with them
  • Practice piano with them

The above list doesn't even include going to work three days a week and working plenty from home. Happy Mother's Day, Gabrielle!


Yes, but did you find her at the Wife store?

Second floor!

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