Pool time!


So we finally installed a pool. I have been resisting the siren call of a pool from all three women, but it was a vain resistance. And when I saw someone offering up one of these "easy to set up" pools for US$100, I had to grab it. So then me and my brother-in-law spent all day Sunday digging out an area in the backyard to put it down, and trying to get it level. And before you say it, yes I already know it isn't level. We tried to eyeball it, and thought we got it "close enough", but not really, as it is probably 4"-6" out of level. And the women have been letting me know every time they look at the pool too. :-(

It is 15 feet by 42 inches deep, and the first pool I've ever had. I'm a New England pond swimmer myself. I hope it doesn't require too much maintenance. It should be okay. They will try it out today. It's a little scary, and we're going to have to keep a close watch on our little daredevils. They think just because they've been taking swimming lessons that they are Mark Spitz reincarnated or something. And, like most kids, they are fearless - too fearless, really. But I hope they get plenty of use out it.


Sweet! Now I know where I'm taking the boys the next time the thermometer goes above 80! ;-)

C'mon down! The trial run was this afternoon, and it got the thumbs up, although there were still complaints about it not being perfectly level. Seemed like the water was wet enough, though.

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