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What to do about Jiggle? That's been the question plaguing me lately, and is also responsible for the deafening sound of silence from here. I've enjoyed doing it but I'm not sure there's a point The Internet certainly doesn't need Yet Another Diary blog, where I blather on about what I did over the weekend. And it isn't like I don't have enough other places to write:

  • Daemon Dancing in the Dark : My FreeBSD and Linux blog. I started it May 2003 in order to keep track of the mountain of information needed to keep one of these alternative operating systems going. I love working with FreeBSD and I keep lots of notes. It gets plenty of hits and is reflected in a few different spots. I go through spurts of effort on it, depending on how much I use my BSD boxes. I have a big backlog of posts I should get to for it, and plenty of other things I want to try. It's a nice, focused, personally useful site, where I keep all my BSD notes.
  • The Game Chair : a group effort, sort of a high end amateur web site where I write video game reviews and other musings. We specialize in what we call "Progressive Reviews", where you write up three or four reviews as you play through a game. I contribute bits and pieces and am due to dive into a new game. I might be getting Lego Star Wars II for review, which should be fun. My girls and I have have a great time playing Lego Star Wars.
  • Wanderings of a lost [game] mind : This is my video game diary blog, hosted on Gamespot.com. I use it to keep track of my video game playing habits, just to track what I play for how long, as I don't usually play to the end of anything. It too has sunk into disuse.
  • Incredible Brightness of Seeing : My movie blog, where I used to put up lengthy reviews and log my movie viewing habits. I still watch plenty of movies, but I haven't been keeping up with it, either.
  • In Absinthia : My drinking buddy and I have started up a new blog about all things absinthe. It's a fascinating subject, and a fascinating drink to boot. Again, I have a big backlog of articles I have to put up for it.
  • A Trifle One-Sided : a new blog I started in order to play with Six Apart's new community blogging site, Vox.com. I was experimenting using it as my culture commenting spot, talking about movies, books and music. There's some pretty nice Web 2.0 features on it, like dropping in thumbnails of movies, and book covers from Amazon, and the like. It's got some shortcomings, not surprising in a beta product. It will only list like the first 10 hits of a search string, so you have to play around to find your stuff sometimes. And you can't use HTML, and there's only a few schemes available. By the way, if anyone is interested in trying it out too, drop me an email as I have two invitations I can hand out. I'm not exactly sure how far I'll go with this, but it has been fun dabbling in it.

So, as you can see, I don't lack for creative writing outlets. So Jiggle's purpose in life has come into question. I could continue to use it for posts that don't naturally fit into these other places, like my cocktail postings. I have always felt that a blog should be useful to someone, even if just the author (like my FreeBSD blog). If others find it useful, so much the better. And a personal diary blog like Jiggle just doesn't offer that. So, while Jiggle will remain online, I'm not exactly sure if I'll be posting much here in the future.


I’ve found myself wondering the same thing…what is the purpose of my blog? I guess my hope is that it is another channel of communication that enables friends and family, with whom I otherwise do not communicate regularly, to know what’s up in my life. I think I have about six or so “regular” readers but I have found it worthwhile in a few cases. So my answer to you is: Keep jiggling the handle - I can’t stand the sound of continuous water draining down the toilet. ;)

Oh…one of these days you’ll have to have a Absinthe tasting…I’ve never had any but have been curious for quite some time. :)

I've been a crappy coffee receiving freind (thank you!). I'm really sorry that i haven't come aorund and posted and stuff lately. I haven't even been posting in my blog a whole lot lately. .. I've been really busy.. i just suddenly decided enough wasting days on end on the internet, and I jumped head first into my life. I joined this organisational program called flylady, and then I quit smoking, and i've been trying to excercise regularily. It's funny.. i decluttered my home, and uncovered a bunch of problems that needed to be adressed.

I have some ideas for jiggle.. if you're interested in some advise. You have interesting enough posts... it's just that nobody finds them, and then if they do, have no reason to post. if I remember right, posting is moderated too, and that's a put off to many peeps.

But, the thing I think that it needs is for you to get involved in some social things with it. Join a carnival.. the truth laid bear has a list of many of them. I do the carnival of recipes and i've gotten a couple readers/posers out of that.. they're mostly conservative, so I make most of them angry. LOL. I also jsut started this thing called click and comment Monday that is turning out to be kind of fun. The details are a couple posts down on my blog.

I've also quit feeling like I need to post everyday, and just do it when I want to do it, and that's very freeing for me. LOL

I hope that jiggle stays anyhow..

Thanks for the encouragement guys! I'm still working out where this fits in my (keyboard) life, as I've got a million other things going on too. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

I sure hope so!

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