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I thought I'd put in a shoutout for a relatively new feature on Vox called Groups.  It is just another way to find out about postings in areas of interest to you.  You join a group and you browse new postings that were added to the group.  And when you compose a post that might interest others in the group, you click the "Add to group" link at the bottom left and, probably, check the "Allow comments in groups" too. The latter option lets folks add comments if they are reading your post via the groups link, rather than directly on your blog.

I belong to just two groups.  Reading Is Sexy concentrates on books, while The Film Group is, not surprisingly, a movie buff's group.  The Reading group cracked the 100 member plateau the other day and is currently racing towards 125. Lots of interesting book reviews, lists and just plain talkin' about books.

The Film Group is a nascent group, still gaining steam. I was surprised when I started really using Vox this month to find there wasn't a more popular movie group, so I've been shilling The Film Group in comments around Vox for a couple of days.  Actually, I wish it had been called "The Film Society".  For one thing, you end up saying "The Film Group" group, which is awkward. And for another, there are lots of real film societies.  But even better, it hearkens back to my younger days and the fine movie series shown on Channel 38 here in Boston, which featured movies you would normally never see on TV.  It is whereI first saw  movies like Return of the Secacus 7 and The Servant (which began my Harold Pinter obsession).  But it's too late for that now, and so The Film Group it is.

There's no dues to pay and nothing special to do really.  The only catch is that, to contribute, you need to be sure to specifically click on the link to add a post to a group. It gives you another way to both find posts and to get your posts out there. Join us, won't you?

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[this is good] Thanks for the tip.

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