High Fidelity

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Not the movie but rather the book.  I love the movie and have been meaning to read the book for awhile, and then I saw mention of it here on a Vox blog, so I decided to grab it from the library and finally check it out.  And it was worth it, although I think I like the movie better.

High Fidelity is the story of a music-obsessed mid-30s guy who has just broken up with his long-time live-in girlfriend.  He thinks a lot about women, relationships, music and sex and, when they finally get back together again, he thinks about them even more. A very funny, easy to read novel with some interesting insights into the war between the sexes.  I enjoyed the book, and it had a couple of laugh out loud moments.  The biggest drawback was the British point of view.  I didn't understand too many of the pop culture references, although I did catch most of the music ones.  There were also a few British idioms that had me scratching my head.  For instance, when he was talking with Charlie (one of his ex-girlfriends, a member of his all-time top five breakups), he said that he "took the piss out of Charlie" and, a few paragraphs later, he was "sending her up".  No idea what these mean!

The movie did a remarkable job at keeping to the spirit and even the dialog of the book. I liked it better than the book because it was geared more towards my American sensibilities. That, and great performances by Cusack and Jack Black. But I'm glad I read the book and I could definitely understand all too well the narrator's wonderment and befuddlement over the female persuasion.

High Fidelity
Nick Hornby

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[this is good] I loved this book! I read it before the movie came out and was wondering how they'd Americanize it. I actually do like the book better, but still really enjoy the movie because I love John Cusack and am a Chicagoan myself.One of my favorite things about the books was all the top 5 lists they made up. Pretty fun way to pass time.

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