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Man, this is just so silly! I returned books to the library today during lunch and I promised myself I wouldn't take out any more.  I had a pretty big stack of books on loan already, so I surely didn't need more.  But nooooooo, I couldn't resist could I?  I'm always perusing the new book shelves and, if I see an interesting one, I check if it is part of a series. And if it is, I try to take out an early or, preferably, the first book in the series.  Unlike my daughter, who prefers to read the Magic Treehouse books willy-nilly, I like to read a series in chronological order.  So a couple of books caught my eye and I checked out the back stacks to find their ancestors and, of course, I couldn't resist. Luckily, they are all pretty easy to digest thrillers, so I can chew on them between big meals.

First up is the latest in a series I've been reading right along, the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.  Fantastic mystery/thrillers, incredibly well paced and very interesting.  Unique to the series is the way Child will write a book in either first or third person, which is weird.  I much prefer my mysteries to be in first person, so I can "play along", but these are good enough that I even enjoy the third person ones. This one, "The Hard Way", is a third person one, likje the previous book, "One Shot", but the one before, "The Enemy",  was a first person book (and written as a sort of prequel, too).  Very odd.

Then I saw a book by someone I had never heard of, Andrew Vachss. The one on the new book shelf was "Mask Market: A Burke Novel", of which there were quite a few.  I checked the fiction stacks and it only went back to "Blue Belle", which is mid-way through the series.  I checked the Mystery stacks and was able to get the debut novel, "Flood". Burke is an investigator on the seedy side of the tracks. It is written in the first person, so I'm really looking forward to it.

The next book in line was by F. Paul Wilson, a "Repairman Jack" novel called "Harbinger".  Odd that I hadn't heard of him, as it turns out he's written quite a number of books, in a few different series.  I guess "Repairman Jack" is a horror/thriller/mystery series.  Unfortunately, I was only able to go back to "Crisscross", which is like the eigth or ninth book in the series.  As it isn't really quite my cup o' tea (and written in the third person to boot), I figured I'd just try this one and see if I wanted to quest for earlier ones.

And to top it all off, I grabbed a copy of "About a Boy", another Nick Hornsby novel.  I'll probably just add this to my Future collection, which is a list of books and movies I don't currently have, but hope to read/watch some day in the future. 

Another new Collection I've added is Library Loan. It is a list of the books I currently have out from the library, a list that is far too long right now!


Oh, nice! More authors I haven't read!When I find a new author, I read *everything* they've written, if I can get it... and I'm starting to run out of authors... so a few new names is a welcome boon!

Glad I could toss a few your way! 

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