Sitcom Heaven on a platter


I picked up a couple of television DVD sets the other day. Barnes & Noble was having the ol' "buy one get one free" sale. Unfortunately, the selection wasn't the greatest. I would have liked to pick up The Sopranos Season Four or Lost Season Two, but neither was included in the sale.

So instead I added The Bob Newhart Show Season Four and Dinosaurs Seasons One and Two.  The original Bob Newhart show was, and remains, my favorite sitcom of all time.  When Nick At Nite first got the rights to it, they had a marathon and showed all of them, one after another. So I taped as many as I could and watched those to death. Unfortunately, due to the money scrabbling that goes on these days for TV, these versions are sliced and diced to fit in today's half hour slot, which is about 5 minutes of commercial time shorter than in the 70s, when this show first aired.  So I had to make due with the sliced versions for many years.

Then they came out with a set of videotapes and I finally got to see the shows in their original glory. And what a beautiful things it was!  I was beside myself when The Bob Newhart Show finally came out on DVD. We have seaons One and Three, but still haven't gotten around to picking up Two and Four. So I was glad to add another one to the collection.

As for Dinoaaurs, what can I say about this subversive Jim Henson production? It preceded the equally subversive Simpsons by a couple of years, and I find it absolutely gut splittingly funny, on many levels. I think my girls will enjoy it as much as me, because the humor found in this sadly short-lived series hits home on so many different levels.  I've been saying "Not-The-Momma" for years and I'm finally glad to get it all in DVD glory.


My horribly over-protective parents stopped letting us watch Dinosaurs when one of the episodes covered something they didn't like... I don't remember what it was that upset them.But my brother could BE the baby dinosaur with his "not the mama" imitations. He was so much fun.I'll have to buy the DVDs for him. :)

Yeah, I guess I'll have to watch these first alone, with my daughters in mind, as I never considered how it might look as a parent the first time I saw it.

Well, to be fair, my parents were a bit stricter than most.I can't remember if the kids were overly sassy to their parents (the reason we couldn't watch the Simpsons) or if there was discussion of sex (the reason we couldn't watch over half the TV shows out there.When I met my stepdaughter, she was 3 and hooked on the Simpsons. She's a very well-behaved, articulate kid. Bart didn't warp her.

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