Beanie Riddle answer


I'm just going to steal David's answer to the beanie riddle, as it is 100% correct:

If the guy in the back saw 2 white beanies, he would have known he had a black beanie on his head. So our hero knows both he and the guy behind him can't both have white beanies.  Now the guy behind him understands this too, so he knows the same thing.  So if he sees a white beanie in front of him, he knows he must have a black beanie on his head.  So since he hasn't said anything either, he must see a black beanie on the guy in front.


It's funny, sometimes I get really stymied by these types of problems, but for whatever reason the answer seemed really obvious to me and I hardly had to think about it at all.  I think this tickled some poker-related hand-figuring-out meme or something...BTW, are you coming to our charity poker tournament tomorrow night?

Yup, same here.  I can never seem to puzzle these things out, but after only a bit of thought, I got it too.Probably a no on the poker tournament. Kids have all been sick, and the parents are now coming down with it.Sigh.

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