Beanie Riddle

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3 POW officers were rounded up by a few guards. They were shown a box containing 5 beanies: 3 black, 2 white. They were then blindfolded and taken out into the yard. There they were lined up one behind the other, facing the same direction, so that the POW in back could see the 2 in front of him, the middle POW could see the 1 in front of him, and the POW in front couldn't see either. The guards randomly selected 3 beanies, placed 1 on each of their heads and took off the blindfolds. They were instructed that if any word came out of their mouths that wasn't the color of the beanie on their own head, they would all be shot. Any POW could answer and they were to be left in formation until they got it right. After a while out there the POW in front said with absolute confidence "I am wearing a black beanie", and he was did he know what color beanie was on his head?

Answer tomorrow!

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[this is good] or today.  :-)<SPOILER>If the guy in the back saw 2 white beanies, he would have known he had a black beanie on his head. So our hero knows both he and the guy behind him can't both have white beanies.  Now the guy behind him understands this too, so he knows the same thing.  So if he sees a white beanie in front of him, he knows he must have a black beanie on his head.  So since he hasn't said anything either, he must see a black beanie on the guy in front.

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