Movie review: Bubba Ho-Tep


I watched another free OnDemand movie last night while vegging out in bed before going to sleep.  This time, it was the comedy/horror cult hit, Bubba Ho-tep, the small 2002 flick starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis. A very clever, funny, and basically charming movie, perfect for a laid back Saturday night.

Campbell plays Elvis Presley, or maybe he's really Sebastian Haff, Elvis impersonator. Or maybe it is Elvis pretending to be Sebastian. Or maybe he's Sebastian, who really thinks he's Elvis.  In any case, he teams up with JFK, played by Ossie Davis(!), who's been dyed black and had his brain replaced by a bag of sand.  These two do battle with Bubba Ho-Tep, a mummy who has been using the Shady Rest Convalescence Home in east Texas as his personal soul farm.

A movie with far more depth than it has any right to, with interesting commentary on growing old, dealing with the elderly and knowing who you are.  Throw in a great performance by Bruce Campbell, some laughs and some scares and you have a movie with surprising depth for a small horror flick.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, and got several laughs to go with it.  


I love this movie!I remember being psyched out about watching it when it came out on 1 screen in LA!I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It's definitely an acquired taste!

It's a hard movie to pigeon hole, but that's what is so charming about it!

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