Movie Review: Tombstone


I watched Tombstone yesterday, via the Comcast OnDemand service.  It was the only free HD movie that looked even a little interesting, and I was too lazy to even get up and select a DVD.  It came across pretty sharply and, while it wasn't a classic by any means, it wasn't a complete waste of time either.

Tombstone is the 1993 western by director George Cosmatos, who only directed one more movie before dying of lung cancer a couple of years ago.  It features a whole raft of current and future stars, including Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, and Sam Elliot, as well as a few up-and-comers in bit parts, like Thomas Haden Church, Billy Bob Thornton and even Terry O'Quinn ("Lost"'s John Locke), in a retelling of the famous "Shoout at the OK Corral".

Kurt Russell does a mighty turn as the legendary Wyatt Earp (whose descendant, Wyatt Earp, actually has a role in the movie!). Val Kilmer is the star of the show, with an intense portrayal of his sidekick, Doc Holliday, dying of tuberculosis but determined to help out Wyatt one more time.  Plenty of shootouts follow. I can't even begin to guess what the final body count was in this movie, which went on for too long and had several silly love interests.  It didn't have the mythic quality I look for in my Westerns, but it was fun to watch.


Did you ever watch Deadwood on HBO? Wyatt Earp made a small appearance in that show. It was, for the most part, very entertaining but LOTS of gratuitous cursing. Calamity Jane was an interesting role I can say... I hope in all actuality she wasn't really as they portrayed her in this show. 

No, I never saw Deadwood. I'll have to add the first DVD to my Netflix queue.

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