QotD: Never Seen It


What's the most famous movie you've never seen? 
Submitted by Mike.

According to the IMDB Top 250 (an admittedly suspect source, considering the second movie on the list is "The Shawshank Redemption'!), the most "famous" movie I haven't seen yet is Lord of The Rings: Return of the King, which clocks in as the fourth best movie of all time (!).  I watched the first LotR movie, Fellowship, and liked it well enough.  I got about halfway through the second one, The Two Towers, when my rental DVD started to skip and I was never interested enough in it to go back.  I have to agree with one reviewer on the whole trilogy - it's just one damn thing after another!  But maybe with my nice new HDTV, it would be more fun.  I liked the books well enough, back in the day, but found them a little boring upon re-reading them recently. And I'm just not a sci-fi/fantasy guy any more.


re: shawshank, have you seen this?

Mine is 12 Angry Men, though I have seen the play (in theater camp!).  But I think on a "real" list it would have to be Citizen Kane.

Very funny - better than the movie!

I've never sat and watched all of 12 Angry Men, although I want to. And you really should see Citizen Kane. A "classic" movie I've never seen is Lawrence of Arabia.

I know, it's stupid that I haven't seen CK.  Never saw Lawrence of Arabia either.

Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il for me.  Followed by Schindler's List.  I couldn't even make it out of IMDb's top ten.  If you go by AFI's top 100, I'm stuck on number one, Citizen Cane.  Followed by #4, Gone With The Wind.  Wow, that was depressing-ish.

Oh No, not another Citizen Kane heretic! Okay you two, go out there and watch it this weekend! And while you're watching it, remember that this was his first movie, and he was only 26 when he directed and acted in it. And the games he plays with the camera are masterful - artsy, yet non-intrusive. I'll forgive you for not watching The Good The Bad And The Ugly, though. While it is a perennial favorite for me, it's an acquired taste.

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