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I've been busy reading a couple of books and, just for giggles, I started a third.  Usually, I'm reading a "heavy" non-fiction and then I throw in one or two lighter fiction reads.  Freethinkers : a history of American secularism by  Susan Jacoby is the heavy non-fiction book and I'm about 2/3 done with it. I've made it up to the beginning of the 1900s, just after the "Golden Age" of "freethinkers".  I showed it to a friend of mine and he said he didn't want to read it, as it would make him too depressed.  And yeah, it could also be subtitled "The history of non-believer persecution in the USA", as it pretty much chronicles one religious fanatic after another attempting to silence those who would keep us free from religion, as important an American right as freedom of religion. But it's a good read and I'm looking forward to moving into the 20th century.

Unfortunately, I had to return my other non-fiction book I was going to read.  Called King Leopold's ghost : a story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial Africa by Adam Hochschild, it promised an excellent book on a tragic story of slavery and personal greed in Africa.  You can only renew a book once at my library, and so my time had run out. I will re-request the book though, and have it for another go 'round.

I'm also reading Flood by Andrew Vachss.  A very good first novel, even if it seems to be trying a little too hard to have a morally ambiguous PI with the proverbial heart of gold.  I'm enjoying it very much and am already looking forward to the next in the series. The other light reading book is The Wheelman by Duane Swierczynski. This is his first novel, and I am as wild about this one as I was about his second, The Blonde.  There's already been several laugh out loud spots and the action is fast and furious. What fun!

My three Netflix movies are The Winslow Boy, The Secret of Roan Inish and Le Cercle Rouge. Yeah, I still have watched Cercle yet, although I believe I'll put it on my player this evening.  Roan Inish promises to be a good movie to watch with the girls, although they may find it hard to understand the promised heavy Irish brogues.  One comment on IMDB said to turn on the subtitles!  And I'm not sure how Winslow got on my list or even how it made it all the way to the top, as I'm constantly adding new movies and moving them to the top of the queue. I guess I watched a bunch of Netflix movies over the past few weeks, so the queue is finally moving along.  I almost, for the first time, had all three of my Netflix discs in the mail at the same time, but I got sick and couldn't face reading the Cercle subtitles.


Freethinkers looks pretty good, I'll have to check it out.  I've also seen King Leopold's Ghost in the library and been tempted.  Glad to hear that The Wheelman is as good as The Blonde.  I was in my local B&N earlier today and, this being the Phillly burbs, they had an autographed copy of The Blonde on sale.As for the films, I am a big fan of some of David Mamet's other films - Glengarry, Glen Ross, The Spanish Prisoner, Spartan, State and Main.  I know I've seen the Winslow Boy but I don't remember too much about it other than that it was a period piece. But I am completely smitten with Rebecca Pidgeon - who happens to be Mrs. Mamet.

Wheelman is also set in Philly, although the title character is just visiting and often references maps.I like some Mamet films and hate some Mamet films, as sometimes it feels like he's trying just too damn hard to be too damn clever.  Winslow probably got on the list during one of my "love Mamet" periods.

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