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So we finally got our Das Boot fix in.  We watched the 3+ hour "Director's Cut" version, as opposed to the original 7+ hour miniseries or the original 2+ hour US theatrical release.  We didn't, however, do it in a real marathon, as we took a couple of breaks.  We watched it in German with English subtitles, but reading the IMDB trivia makes me think that was a mistake.  All the dialog was later dubbed in anyway, due to overwhelming background noise, and all the original actors did their own English dubbing, so I'm not sure anything was gained reading subtitles.  Usually, the English dubbing is pretty bad, so I prefer to watch it with subtitles, but this might be one time the dubbed would have worked.

What a fantastic movie, though.  You truly feel like you are there, as part of the crew.  The way the camera zooms down the narrow corridors of the tiny, yet fullsized, replica really gets you involved. And the sound is amazing too, although for some reason my surround speakers didn't seem to get as involved as I remember. It may be a hardware glitch on my home theater setup.

The actors are all really good, and the movie does a great job of mixing the thrilling with the mundane.  The way the uptight second in command carefully cuts his food at every dinner is a scream. It truly makes the crew human, even if they did work for the "other side", and were sinking "our" boats. A true classic flick in every sense of the phrase. I need to see if I can get the book.


[this is good] What a fantastic movie.  Nice review!  You've reminded me that I need to re-watch it, and my wife has never seen it.  OMG!

No time like the present! Not very romantic, but still heart wrenching in its own way.

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