Movie review (repost) : Tie Me Up/Tie Me Down


Pedro Almodóvar most recent movie, Volver, was very highly regarded, and it's star, Penélope Cruz, was nominated for an Oscar.  I'm looking forward to seeing it, as I really enjoyed this movie, one that made Almodóvar famous in the US.  I originally watched this June 14, 2002.

Pedro Almodóvar's very sexy, kind of screwball comedy ¡Átame! (which somehow translates to "Tie Me Up/Tie Me Down"), kept me entertained this evening.  It has a young Antonio Banderas as an obsessed young man fresh from the asylum, declared sane by the judge.  He has no morals, as little vignettes show (stealing a knife, pickpocketting, etc), but he's become infatuated by an actress, played by Victoria Abril, with whom he had a one night stand the previous year.

Banderas plays the lovable scamp with endearing charm, especially for someone who is prone to violent fits and is a thief and kidnapper to boot! But the two main leads are quite fetching, and there are a few other memorable characters, like the director of Abril's movie, a horny old man confined to an electric wheel chair.  There are also lots of real interesting cinematography, with overhead shots and eye-catching views through various objects. And love wins out in the end!

There are some pretty graphic details, for those of you who don't approve of cinema sex, but Almodóvar is known for that! And it does have a schizophrenic feel, as Banderas swings from puppy-dog charming to menacingly violent. But it all hangs together very well and in the end was well worth the time. The DVD looks pretty good, although it is a barren DVD, and merely 2 channel Dolby, with the only extra being a trailer.


I must say, I didn't particularly like Volver. Was expecting a lot from the hype (including my own as a Almodovar fan) and ended up disappointed. I particularly thought Cruz was unconvincing and too glamorous for the role. Much prefer his earlier stuff though particularly liked All About My Mother.

Looking at his IMDB page, I guess I haven't really seen too many Almodóvar movies.  I enjoyed this one, for sure. I'm not sure I've seen Mother - oh boy, another one for my Netflix queue!

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