The Thin Man


No fair! I'm too tired and busy for this and yet it still happens. I put together a new chair for the home office (still having problems getting all its various adjustments right!) and so I sat down a minute in it to try it out.  Turn on the TV and scan through the HD channels to find nothing interesting on, so I skip down to the regular movie channels and, on TCM, I find The Thin Man just starting and there's no way, no matter how tired I am, that I can flip past that!

What a hoot that movie is.  Loy, Powell and the whole crew looked like they were having a blast filming it. I wonder how much was actually scripted and how much was ad libbed? The TMC host metioned how it was nominated for four Oscars (Picture, Actor, Director, and Writing), but was rightfully puzzled to why Myrna Loy didn't get a nod, as she is wonderful. And he also pointed out that Loy never once in her career received a nomination!

Next up is a night in a submarine, as I hope I can finally schedule the Das Boot viewing.


Shoot me now ... I haven't seen this classic either.  Argh!

There's a million movies out there, and plenty of them good.  Thin Man is an especially good movie if you are as into cocktails as I am. Perhaps the best Cocktail movie of all time.

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