Vox Hunt: It Came From The 70's


Audio: It's 70's music Wednesday.

Impossible to pick just one. How about we go with 1975 and:

Let's start with "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. This is from their last good album, "Night at The Opera" and is a classic of 70s radio.  In the 80s, a local rock radio station had a top 500 of all time, and this one was number three (behind Stairway to Heaven and Can't Get No Satisfaction).  Not sure it would end up there today, but still a great song. The whole album is fantastic, produced by the inimitable Roy Thomas Baker (who also produced THe Cars).  After this one, Queen started producing their own albums and went for an over-the-top bass sound with Freddie Mercury wailing and the pop charts just a-hummin'.

From one of the greatest albums of all time, Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up In Blue" is just one of "Blood On The Tracks" perfect songs. Dig that rhythm-y blues, man.  The internal rhymes are great and the humor is pitch-perfect.  And the album just gets better too.  Most artists would consider this a lifetime worth of songs and yet it is only a single slice of all that is Dylan.

My offbeat selection goes to The Alan Parsons Project's "Tales of Mystery And Suspense", the first album of Sgt. Pepper's engineer's ideas.  This album uses Edgar Alan Poe's stories as a creative springboard, and includes a great voice over by the incomparable Orson Welles, who was well into his Bartyle & James period by now. This song really rocks.


The remaster of Tales of Mystery and Imagination is due out shortly (next week or the week after).  It's going to contain both the original mix, the 1987 CD mix, and bonus tracks.

Oh yeah, I've always called it Suspense for some reason.Oh great, Yet Another version of this! I think I've bought it at least three times. Or maybe that's I Robot I've bought a couple of different CD versions.

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