Are you sure there's a connection?


Funny Netflix recommendation. Not sure what Wallace & Gromit have in common with Sanjuro, Seven Samurai and The Third Man (great flicks all).


Sanjuro, Seven Samurai, The Third Man, Casablanca, and The sounds like we have similar tastes in movies. 

I'm not sure what Wallace & Gromit have to do with samurai and Orson Welles, but I did enjoy that W&G movie where they chased after a gigantic rabbit.  I'm not on Netflix, so I don't know how accurate their recommendations usually are, but I know that Amazon often tries to get me to buy things I'm not at all interested in.  I think sometimes they just recommend whatever they have a bunch of.

Lol@third man!! Third Man is my favorite movie of all time. Maybe we need to explore the relationship between Wallace and Gromit more to find their connection with Carol Reed's classic. Perhaps Wallace and Gromit are really a metaphor for growing European tensions after the second world war. Maybe Wallace represents old world england, and Gromit, with his cool indifference, represents the New England. Right? Any one? Cuckooclocks?

Ah, maybe you're right - maybe there is some kind of deep, almost mystical, connection between the W&G movie, two classic Kurosawa movies and a top notch film noir.  I don't recall clocks in Sanjuro though:-)

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