We finished watching the first season of Lost last night and I found it pretty entertaining. I don't watch network television, and so this was my first viewing, while my friend has been keeping up with the show and used this viewing as a refresher course. It's been tough to avoid mentions of it in the newspaper (this morning's Boston Globe blared 'Lost' leaves heads spinning); the same with The Sopranos (we've finished the first three seasons of that).

I enjoyed the series, even if it was overwrought at times. The acting is solid and the women pretty, so I can't complain too much. The back stories are a little over the top, but I suppose a boring back story wouldn't be told.  And some of the dramatic moments are telegraphed way in advance. I kept announcing "He should be wearing a red shirt!" when it came time to finish off a temporary character, in homage to the famous original Star Trek, where all the officers would beam down to a strange planet, plus a couple of crew all wearing red shirts and doomed to a grisly demise. I didn't guess how he ended (it was truly grisly), but off him they did.

The upconverted picture on my TV was great and the aural landscape was fabulous. The two part season one finale was a good recap, and has several excellent cliffhangers. I'll have to look into getting season two now!


"the acting is solid and the women pretty" -- yeah, that about sums it up, except for me of course it was the hunky men that made it worthwhile. I've always liked Lost (I've been keeping up with Season 3 regularly) especially for its interesting characters and those flashbacks into their histories.

"hunky men" - you mean like Hurley?-) I'm still more of a movie guy, but Lost will bring me back for more.

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