Movie Review: Escape From New York


I watched Escape From New York the other night. I promised myself I would clean up the table in my home office and needed a little extra distraction. I tried to keep the job small, so I could focus on it and get 'er done, and not be overwhelmed by the disaster that is my home office.  And while you might think just cleaning off the table is too little a job, you would realize how wrong you could be if you saw the titanic wave of paper that had spilled on it!

So I scanned through the "Free HD Movies On Demand" and thought that Escape would make a good escape (nyuk nyuk), so I fired it up and set to work. And I was right - it was the perfect "stop for a minute or two and watch the bullets fly" kind of movie. There were even a couple of nice tense moments as the immortal Snake Pissken wriggled out of trouble on his way to rescue the President from New York, which has been turned into a maximum security prison (good use for New York, if you ask me!).  In Kevin Wolf's wonderful ranking of the top 100 cinema Badasses, Snake ranks a solid 60, which tells you how tough the competition is! I particularly liked the running joke - everyone who saw him would recognize him, and say something along the lines of "I know you - you're Snake Plissken! I heard you were dead?" Right to the end of the movie - very funny!

The music was pretty good too, in a disco-ish, techno kinda late 70s/early 80s way. A perfect accompaniment to straightening out the office.  And I even finished up by the time the movie was done - a spotless office table. Yee Haw!


Definitely a fun movie.  And John Carpenter makes great soundtracks as well.

Hey, thanks for name-dropping the Badass List, but as I have said many times, they are not listed in any particular order.  I need to totally pick up the sweet DVD edition of Escape sometime.  I haven't seen it in ages.

Ah, sorry, didn't see that it was more of a list and not a ranking.  Still, an Plissken is an excellent choice!

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