QotD: My Dream Job


What's that secret dream job you've always believed you'd be good at, but never gone for? 
Submitted by wedgeh.

Lucky for me - I'm living the dream now!  Programming computers, working from home, getting to play with lots of cool technology, and being paid a more than fair wage makes me happy.  Don't tell my boss, but I'd do this for free. If I were to suddenly come into a boatload of money and didn't have to have a job, you'd still find me at the keyboard many hours a day. 


As a fellow software engineer, you have my attention and curiosity.  Care to provide more details?

Sure! I work for a company called inSORS (although that is rumored to be changing soon). We do high-end video conferencing software, geared towards Fortune 500 companies looking to do meetings with up to 32 different participants. It's some great technology and I get to work on all different parts of it, from the server side (C++ running on Linux) to the client side (C++/wxWidgets running on Mac, Windows & Linux). I also get to play with Javascript (we have a web front end), Python and PHP, databases, networking, specialized hardware, etc.  I recently celebrated my fifth year here, although I've been working from home for at least twice that long. Been in the biz for nearly 30 years now (WTF?), and still love whacking on the keyboard.

Oh, when I said it was rumored to be changing, I meant the name, not the company or where I work!


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