Fundie PZ at it again

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Ah, another brilliant post by PZ Myers, including this treasure:

These principles are a reliance on natural causes and demanding explanations in terms of the real world, with a documentary chain of evidence, that anyone can examine. The virtues are critical thinking, flexibility, openness, verification, and evidence. The sins are dogma, faith, tradition, revelation, superstition, and the supernatural. There is no holy writ, and a central idea is that everything must be open to rational, evidence-based criticism — it's the opposite of fundamentalism.

He's reacting to a stupid article in Newsweek's "Belief Watch" section, which contains this beaut:

It may not be fair to call what's happening in the atheist community a backlash, since atheists have always been and continue to be one of the smallest, most derided groups in the country.

I guess I'm just damned proud to be part of one of the "smallest" groups in the country. What a bizarro description. And "most derided"? Wow, I think I feel honored, actually.

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[this is good] WTF!?!?!?!  Newsweek is that bad?  I had no idea.Thanks for the link.

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