Ignorance Abounds


These new Gallup poll numbers need very little explanation, and require much weeping and gnashing of teeth but as usual, PZ Myers does a good job of explaining them here.


Those are some terribly depressing statistics...

Isn't that so true? And if you read the Gallup article accompanying it, there's even more bad news. There's also the schizophrenic side of things, where it is almost split evenly 50-50 as to believing in evolution, but yet 2/3 said they believed that Man was created 10,000 years ago. Very bizarre. See the full article here.

Sad indeed.  But, I have to wonder if this isn't similar to what others have gone through in the past with things like the shape of the Earth (flat vs. round), orbits of planets in our solar system (around the Sun, not the Earth).  As long as we're uncovering and discovering actual evidence and facts surrounding mysteries that religion "explains" with faith, we will have these long transition periods. 

I suppose, but c'mon, it's been over 150 years already! And it is one of the bedrock hypotheses of modern science. And still, 50% don't believe it. The percentage is much lower in Europe. Hmm, wonder why...

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