Movie Review: Garden State


I watched my DVR'd copy of Garden State last night and enjoyed myself quite a bit. Admittedly, I missed the first 10 minutes or so when I began the recording, so I'm not entirely clear on some of the subplots, but that didn't detract much from it for me.

Zach Braf, in his directorial (and writing) debut, stars in this movie about an aimless guy in his mid-20s who comes back to New Jersey for his mother's funeral and tries to come to grip with his dysfunctional family. His path intersects the wacky Sam, played with charming quirkiness by Natalie Portman, whereupon they "get involved". He continues to struggle with his past and tries to come to grips with his future.

All in all, a very enjoyable film, with some truly funny moments.  Braff pulls off the aimless loser with aplomb and really seems to grow the character as the movie goes along. Slight, perhaps, but still a fun couple of hours. Some day, I'll have to track down the beginning of this movie!


OMG. You missed one of my favorite parts of the movie then. You really need to see it all. I absolutely adore this movie. It's a perfect rainy afternoon movie when you just want to watch something and enjoy it, similar to The Royal Tenenbaums.

I think you nailed it - perfect rainy day movie. I will definitely rent this one and watch it from the beginning!

actually, I see it is going for $5 at Circuit City, so I might just pick it up.

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