QotD: Just Five More Minutes...


What time is your alarm clock set for?  Do you use the snooze button?

Funny "you" should ask that, as I have been on a quest for a good alarm clock ever since my clock of many years finally got one last drink spilled on it and gave up the ghost. It had one feature that was proving to be elusive - the ability to set a short snooze time. Not only had it proven to be so far impossible to get a clock that didn't have a hard-coded 9 minute snooze, it was impossible to find a clock that even said anything about it. All I wanted was 4 things out of an alarm clock:

  1. AM-FM radio. I wake to my local NPR station, but sometimes like to listen to the Red Sox game on the radio, rather than listen to the bozos on national TV.
  2. Dual alarms. I use one for my wicked early sports (5am - hockey and now golf) alarm, and one for my slightly later normal time (about 6am)
  3. Automatic time setting. I've become addicted to this feature, as even when the clock gets turned off, it immediately gets the 100% accurate atomic time.
  4. A snooze alarm that goes off after 3-4 minutes.

The snooze alarm feature was proving to be virtually impossible to find. Like I said, most have it hard coded at an odd 9 minutes, but I got used to slapping my snooze 3, 4 or even 5 times with my old clock, which I set the snooze to be 3 minutes. But doing that at every 9 minutes turns a 10 minute snooze into nearly an hour - unacceptable! Finally, after 4 clocks, I got one I could set the snooze time - RCA calls it "SmartSnooze", but I call it a life saver!


I agree, the lack of customization in alarm clocks stinks.  It makes me want to make one that runs linux and is fully customizable.  So, which model did you pick up?

Even worse, the buttons on the top of one of them were teeny tiny, not something you want to be fumbling around with at 6am.I picked up this one. The emerson one at the bottom of the page was the one with th bunch of identical little buttons along the top. Yech. I gave it to my 7 year old!

Looks like I'll be stopping by Target on the way home.

[this is good] Done!  So far so good.  The only complaint I have is that it doesn't get dim enough in auto dim mode.  Other than that, it's an excellent alarm-clock-radio.  Thanks again for the tip.

You know, I was just noticing that myself last night.My one other small complaint is that it uses a mechanical tuner, so it doesn't remember different stations for AM & FM. But seeing as I only rarely ever want to use it for anything but an alarm clock, it'll do.Glad I could help!

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