Rodrigo y Gabriela, redux

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I'm still completely blown away by Rodrigo y Gabriela, and thought I'd pass along a thumbnail sketch of their history:

  • They were in a thrash rock group together in Mexico City
  • The group got a record deal, but it just wasn't working, so Roberto y Gabriela chucked it all, grabbed their acoustical guitars (because you can travel lighter with acoustic guitars) and headed out to the countryside
  • It still wasn't working, so when an acquaintance offered her apartment in Dublin for the summer, they jumped at it and flew to Dublin
  • Unfortunately, said acquaintance changed her mind when they showed up on the doorstep, and so they were left homeless and nearly broke in a foreign city, with little English to boot
  • So they started busking, made some good money and got an offer to make a record
  • They didn't want to be pigeonholed by short sighted record execs as folk or Flamenco (which they particularly abhor) or rock guiatists, so they had a hard time getting the record done. They didn't even want a producer, afraid he would cramp their style
  • Eventually, they accepted a producer and made Rodrigo y Gabriela, which debuted at #1 on the Irish charts.
Their intensity and commitment to their art is amazing. It is so intense, I admit to getting a little emotional just watching them play on the accompanying DVD.

Speaking of Rodrigo y Gabriela, imagine my shock when I see it prominently pictured in this week's Best Buy circular! My musical tastes run such that I don't imagine ever seeing one I'm interested in even being at a BB, never mind actually pictured in the circular, but lo and behold, there it is. On sale even - just US$7.99. So run out right now and buy this CD / DVD combo - you won't be disappointed. I am! Happy Father's Day!

Also, I just created my first VOX group, dedicated to all things RyG.  You can find it here.

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Interesting story.  Good CD......

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