Rodrigo Y Gabriela


I have been going absolutely wild over Rodrigo Y Gabriela. A friend lent me the Rodrigo Y Gabriela CD and the energy is just amazing. Incredible guitar insrumentals, including two covers - Stairway To Heavy and, even better, Metallica's Orion. Here's two videos for your viewing pleasure:


Looking forward to checking it out.

[this is good] WOW!  Holy Sh1t!!  Looking on iTunes for their music ... bought it.  Thanks for sharing.

Tell me about it! I'm kicking myself because they were in town about a month ago, so of course I missed it. The CD comes with a DVD that includes a couple of live performances (terrible camera work though), a tutorial (where they show you their incredible technique) and their story, which is inspiring. I have to admit to getting emotional watching them play, as their intensity and dedication just bursts through.

I may have to buy the physical CD then.  Where'd you get it?

I haven't bought it yet! Been carless due to one in the shop, but I see it online for only $10 from a local music chain that I frequent:Newbury Comics

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