Disaster Planning

While not nearly as catastrophic as it felt, the Vox outage reminded me to track down the US Government web site which details a basic emergency kit you should have stashed in your home. After digging deep into my Google-fu, I finally got to the site: http://www.ready.gov. All kinds of great info here, both in as a web site and some nice looking PDFs. Time to gather the stuff together, you know, just in case...


We have that in Oz too - but there has been heaps of criticism around it. I think the news reader even asked the lady who proposed it, "Do you have one ready?" and she replied, "Well, um, no not yet" - DUH

And then they asked her what she would put in there additional to the list and she goes, "Comfortable shoes"

Not a good start to future planning at all...

Yeah, it's probably a little over the top, but ya gotta start somewhere. And comfortable shoes sound okay to me, although I find it hard to imagine a disaster where I couldn't get shoes on first!Besides, isn't it Oz we are supposed to go to at the End Of The World?-)

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