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It works the exact opposite for me.  I can be a huge jerk in real-life, but I've found that I'm much nicer on Vox.  I think it's because I spend more time thinking about what I'm going to write and how it will sound to other people.  In real-life I just blurt out whatever happens to be in my head at the time with little or no regard for the feelings of those around me.

[this is good]

I think this cartoon is more about online audio idiots, like during a computer game, rather than a Vox kind of discourse, although I run into plenty of jerkwads on forums and mailing lists too, that I'll bet wouldn't be so bad in person. Hmmm, maybe I should say that I'll bet for some of them!

This topic has been a popular one lately, both online and in podcasts.  It's funny listening to store owners talk about the flaming emails they get from angry customers.  The owners respond with kindness and regret that the customer is having difficulties.  The customer responses after that are usually apologetic and very, very nice.I'm going to go off on a limb here and suggest that the reason people are so fast to react negatively is the same reason people are getting fatter, less exercise.  Many of us sit behind desks all day.  Then we get home and sit in front of a TV and/or a computer, or feed the kids, etc...  I know I'm much happier when exercising regularly.

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