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Much like when I watched Escape From New York, a friend and I watched The Fifth Element by "renting" it via the free movies on HD from Comcast. We have a special, albeit slight, extra interest in the movie, as the director, Luc Besson, was a celebrity user of some software he wrote and I helped to grow. We both worked for Roger Wagner Publishing, makers of HyperStudio, a wonderfully easy to use multimedia authoring package, orginally on the Apple ][, then the Mac and I helped make the Windows version a reality. Besson used HyperStudio in the production of his movie ..., which was cool.

(later edit : oops, wrong director, wrong movie! It was Chris Marker, not Besson. And the movie was rumored to be La Jetée, which was used as the inspiration for the movie Twelve Monkeys. As a famous person once said, never mind...)

Anyway, The Fifth Element is a fun little Bruce Willis sci-fi action film. He plays a down and out cab driver who gets involved with saving the universe, while Mila Jovovich plays Leeloo, the alien being sent down to help out. He rescues Leeloo from the clutches of an ignorant government and an evil Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, played with gleeful delight by a scene chewing Gary Oldman. The movie hinges on a ridiculously far fetched coincidence, and a few other less blatant plot holes, but otherwise moves along nicely, with plenty of nice visuals.

Many of the OnDemand HD movies do not have 5.1 sound, so it's always a little bit of a disappointment to watch them. Even many of the ones you pay a ridiculous US$6 for come with plain old stereo, but I think all of the free ones shortchange the viewer that way. I have resisted the urge to blow the money on a rental thus far, given that Netflix is a mere US$15 each month for all I can watch.


Its a fun film. Superb customes - I believe all designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. There are some good scenes; mostly those with the great English actor, Gary Oldman (Zorg). With his wonderful put on Southern accent. The scene that sticks in my mind is when he is teaching the mercenaries to count " Three Stones - not one, not two but Three Stones" whilst the others play with the gun's net-throwers in the background.  Pure fun.

Yes, it sure looks like they had fun with the look of the movie. And Mila's first costume, with its strategically placed straps, is a good one!

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