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The Snapper is a 1993 "made for TV" movie by Stephen Frears that later garnered a wider theatrical release. A slight comedy about a 20 year old who becomes pregnant, much to the chagrin of her dad and mum. It stars Colm Meaney as the father of a quite rambunctious crew, as he tries to adjust to the idea of an unwed mother in the house.

Sharon Curley announces to her parents that she is pregnant and she won't tell anyone who the father is. Her mom is shocked while her dad needs a pint at the local pub. Sharon accompanies her dad down to the pub, where she tells her pretty empty friends the news over a drink of her own (a jarring sight these days!), while he goes downstairs to commiserate with his chums.

Many people try to find out who the father is, while Sharon plays it cool. Much trouble and strife come down on an already hectic household, as everyone tries to adjust to the upcoming event. And the rumored father, vehemently denied by Sharon, is a real loser, which doesn't help. Eventually, a baby ("The Snapper") shows up and a new beginning starts.

A fairly slight movie by a favorite director, and one I didn't realize at the time had its origins on TV, which explains a lot, including the rather light, farcical touch as well as the pretty awful video quality. It dragged in spots, but there were some really funny moments, especially from Meaney as his gruff and bluff lower class dad tries to come to terms with the changes. And I was glad to see a household pictured that might just be even more hectic than our own! A fine, light evening, but not worth much effort really. But it does remind me that I need to see My Beautiful Laundrette again, as it remains a important piece of my film going history.

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I didn't realize it was made for TV.  I remember Colm Meaney looking around his yard and saying something like "how can such a small dog produce so much shite."A very funny film.

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