Movie Review: Walk on Water


Walk on Water is an interesting little diversion of a movie, well worth its relatively short running time of about 100 minutes. This 2004 Israeli movie tells the story of a cold-blooded Mossad agent as he tries to recover from the suicide of his wife while regaining his humanity. Touching on subjects like the Holocaust, homosexuality and terrorism (normally subjects I shy away from), it does a good, albeit not incredibly deep, job of gettings its point across.

Eyal returns back from an assassination mission to find that his wife has committed suicide. He's pulled out of active Mossad duty and given time to recover, but he chafes at the bit and wants to get back into the game. To ease his way in, he's given the low key job of spying on Axel Himmelman, a visiting German who has come to see his sister Pia at a local kibbutz. Eyal poses as a tour guide and gets to show Axel around, while trying to figure out if he has any contact with his grandfather, a wanted Nazi war criminal.

Eyal, Axel and Pia struggle with plenty of internal and external pressures. Axel is gay, a fact that comes as quite a surprise to poor Eyal. Both Pia and Axel try to deal with the knowledge that they have a Nazi concentration camp commander in their family tree and there are some good scenes as they try to explain what it is like to have that kind of German heritage. In the end, it all comes together perhaps too neatly, but at least it is believable.

I enjoyed this movie, which I came across while channel surfing. The actors are all very good in it, and there are some poignant and some funny scenes. It touches on some admittedly very deep topics and does it in a light handed way, but still makes you think. Definitely worth a rental, I would say.


I liked this a lot.

While I'll probably never see this film, it sounds interesting.  Nice write-up.

While I'm not sure I'd recommend a precious rental, it was definitely worth making the time for on cable. I'm glad I found it, as I surely had never heard ofit before.

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