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I bought a new cell phone yesterday! No, of course it isn't an iPhone, so I'm not nearly as cool as Yokimbo! Jeez, it'll be a cold day in Hell before I spend that kind of dough on a phone. Heck, the US$130 I spent on the one I got has me feeling bad enough, as it is exactly the kind of conspicuous spending we should be avoiding. But I had had my current phone for over three years, the battery was beginning to fade away, and I really wanted to get an MP3 player with my phone. I'm not really too keen on video or web browsing with a cell phone, but as I have taken to wearing mine all the time, an MP3 playing phone might come in handy.

So I wanted a phone that was easy to use, didn't require special software or connections to copy over my MP3s, was small and had a nice bright display. And after much browsing the Verizon Wireless offerings, and comparing them to the CNET cell phone reviews, I settled on a black Samsung SCH-u740. It was between that and the LG enV, but given the LG was US$20 more, I went with the Samsung.

The Samsung has a couple of cool features. One is a the way the phone opens up, either in Portrait (like a standard phone) or in Landscape, with a full QWERTY (albeit tiny!) keyboard. It has external music playing buttons and is slim and trim when folded up. I'm pretty happy with it so far, although it was easier to get the current time with my old flip up phone, as this one you have to press a button for 2 seconds before the front lights up. The other minor annoyance is that you can't just plug headphones into it, as you first have to use a little adapter. I'm not sure why they couldn't find room for a little tiny headphone jack, as I'm sure the adapter will be one of the first things I lose.

I even joined Twitter, hooked it up to my Remember The Milk account, and now I can add things to my To Do list by texting a message to Twitter. Of course, I also had to add V-CAST to my account in order to take advantage of the nice new phone, so now they are getting another $15 a month from me. Well, the first month is free and we'll see how much I actually use it. It has been fun watching ESPN on the phone, though!

It takes a micro-SD memory chip and when they say "micro", they mean "eeny weeny teeny"! Speaking of things easy to lose! The micro SD package came with two adapters, one for regular SD and one for mini SD, but the 1gb micro SD chip is smaller than my thumbnail. I was afraid I would need to boot into Windows to get it music to it, but after formatting it on the phone, which basically created a bunch of predefined folders like "my music", I was able to plug the micro SD into the SD adapter and plug that into my USB card reader and just copy music to it. Works great. Now I just have to find out where the heck I put my cheapo headphones. I love to listen to music while I work in the yard.

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