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Still struggling with some kind of summer cold, so I have been spending very little time at the keyboard. I have watched couple of movies and finished a book, so I'll try to write them up here.

I watched the first Pirates of the Carribean movie, Curse of the Black Pearl and found it mildly engaging. I was unable to suspend my disbelief enough to really enjoy the ride, as it were. Depp was, once again, magnificent as the scene-chewing Jack Sparrow (oops, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow). I think he may be my favorite contemporary actor, as he truly rescued The Departed from being a complete waste of time. The picture was disappointing soft. So much so, I wondered if Disney, a big time BluRay studio, made the regular DVD especially soft to make you want to see it in BluRay.

I finished The Time Traveler's Wife over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Telling the story of Henry, who has CDP (Chrono-Displacement Order), and his wife Clare, it manages to make time travel a believable ailment, while telling the all too human story of love and loss. The ending, as you can imagine, was especially poignant. The time line can get a little confusing, as it is told from both Clare and Henry's point of view. Clare's continues to go forward, while Henry jumps around in time, but generally just during his lifetime or those around him.

I thought some of the emotions were a little over top and took too long, but in general it was very well written. And the various time traveling paradoxes were either well explained, or were left as satisfying mysteries. The one I didn't get was that Henry was afraid to fly, because he never knew when he would flit out of the current time and then flit back, so he was afraid he would appear in midair. But I would think the same problem would occur even just riding in a car or a train (he wouldn't drive a car for the same reason). But still, a highly recommended book.

While wasting time abed last evening, I watched my DVRed copy of 1946's The Postman Always Rings Twice. A solid if somewhat low key effort on James Cain's novel, it features a stunning Lana Turner as the young wife and John Garfield as the drifter who comes in and complicates matters. Plenty of twists and turns, but lacking the dark edge of a truly great film noir, it was a fun ride anyway, although not as good as the steamy Lange/Nicholson remake of 1981.

The Time Traveler's Wife
Audrey Niffenegger


Johnny Depp is incredible, he makes any role come to life. I'm not a major Pirates of the Caribbean fan otherwise.Ah, another thumbs up to The Time Traveler's Wife. I have got to get myself a copy of this.

But Johnny Depp wasn't IN The Departed.  :-)

I meant Leonard DiCaprio - same guy, right?-)

White people all look alike.

I loved his performance in Dead Man Well, at least I'm pretty sure it was him:-)

Yep, he appeared in that one. <~>

Can you believe I didn't much like Ed Wood? Maybe I was just tired and should give it a second chance, but... Johnny Depp is a great actor though... He can sometimes save a movie for me. ;)(I didn't like The Time Traveler's Wife either, by the way. The idea was great, but the execution wasn't.)

TTTW had its ups and downs for sure, but in the end I thought it was time well spent, no pun intended (I hate puns).

Have another go. I have it on video and may have another round myself.

I bought the DVD, thinking it'd be right up my alley. I'll have another go at it then.

You know, I don't think I've ever sat down to watch Ed Wood. I'll have to try it.

You're in for a treat -- Ed Wood is wonderful. -mm

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