What the heck is electronic mail?

Some pretty funny Computerworld ads found in issues past. These include:

  • 80 megabytes for under $12,000
  • modems that run up to the blazing speed of 4,800 bit/sec
  • "WYSIWYG" word processors
And many other wonders of the "modern" electronic world.


I've got a bunch of old magazines in a box in the basement, only from the mid/late 90's, that I flipped through when we cleaned up the basement a while back.  They were pretty cool in their day but they're already getting amusing.  I plan on keeping that box around for a long time.

Yeah, I used to have some too, but no longer. Heck, even 1 year old Maximum PC mags seem ridiculously out of date! Personal Trivia Note: I worked for Byte Magazine in the 70s - as a painter for their new offices:-)

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