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I sure could use one, Calliope...

PS: Anyone have any guesses why my mp3 files with images in them never finish uploading? If I cancel out of the upload, the mp3 is up there, but no image?

Everybody Needs A Holiday
Big Audio Dynamite


[isto é bom] Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!  I've been having a hella time getting my media to upload lately.  Today was exceptionally good but for Tues & Weds were teh suck.  Of course, everybody else said, "Oh, no.  Everything is  fine..."Also, love the BAD!

I have problems uploading my files that DON'T have pictures embedded in them.  I think vox tries to read the tag data and croaks on something.  The only thing I can think of is to view your tag info and check to see if anything looks odd/non-standard.  You could try deleting portions of the tag info (or all tag info) and see if it loads then.

I tried to upload the very same file (same tags & all) for three days.  It would take F O R E V E R and the image would not be attached.  Today it went quickly and with picture.  Then tonight I couldn't get the art with Holidays In The Sun. Vox, like God, works (and fails to work) in mysterious ways.

I guess I haven't tried sans picture yet. Six, you're luckier than I, as I haven't been able to upload one with an image for a month or more. I've exchanged some emails with Vox support, but I'm not holding my breath. That's why I haven't done Calliope for a while, as I've been getting too frustrated with the uploading.

I just did the "Me Ne Quitte Pas:"  7:06 pm and 7:17 pmW T F ? ? ?

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