Ear Worm

Amanda Palmer, singer, songwriter and piano player for the Desden Dolls (and lots of other projects), writes a blog that I find just so endearing. She's so raw and open on the blog, writing long, almost existential entries at irregular times. I wish I could be an artist!

Anyway, her latest entry had a cool quote:

the germans have an expression for when you can't get a song out of your head: they say that you have an "ear worm".


[this is good] Ohrwurm! I love that word! The Germans have some of the oddest, most endearing phrases -- their equivalent for what would, in English, be "lucky bug" is Glueckpilz -- lucky mushroom. LOL. The opposite of which is Pechvogel -- bad-luck-bird. Ok, ok, I'll stop with the German lesson before you chuck me out of your blog and slam the door in my face.

LOL  I love the Dresden Dolls.  Great find.  Amanda wrote something that I'm questioning. 

being not in the habit of writing music anymore and anyway being
disgusted with myself at the thought of using my own personal
not-even-very-large heartbreak to write lyrics, i went to the local
hipster bar instead.
Is this part of a new song or something?  The rest of that post is interesting.  About falling in love.

Yeah, I just adore Amanda. She just hangs it all out and is so vulnerable i just want to scoop her up! She's sort of manic, and goes through these periods where music comes too hard, so she "stops" doing it. For you and me and other normal human beings, though, it would be a period of great creativity, but for her it is a slow down. She's pretty tough on herself.

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