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I've been working so damned hard that I haven't had much time for things like posting here or even listening to music. Learning new stuff is both exhilarating and exhausting, and I can't be bothered with music that is front and center, so I look for more background sounds, something to at least cover up the brouhaha that is usually breaking out upstairs as one sister works harder at getting under the skin of the other. Or vice versa.

One of my all time favorite "programming" artists is Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, a Bulgarian female choir. It is a fascinating and eerie sound, something worth pay attention to if my mind wanders, but doesn't demand deep concentration if I don't have it. I have the first two CDs and find them perfect for a background sound.

But lately I've been listening to a streaming station I found in the KDE music player Amarok (named after the Mike Oldfield song). It's a good player with lots of flashy features, albeit somewhat buggy at times (it has stopped reliably getting CD info, for instance). But under the Playlists tab, there is a Cool-Streams folder, and in there is Grove Salad, "a nicely chillled plate of ambient beats and grooves." Really nice techno gooves that work perfectly as a soundtrack to programming. You can find it on the web at soma

We did go to the Crowded House concert last night at the BoA Pavilion. I am not a huge CH fan (prefer the Finn brothers earlier group, Split Enz), but my wife is and I got us fifth row center seats, so it was a pretty spectacular place to watch it from. We had a very good time, especially after I was able to get Neil Finn's set list, which made my wife a pretty happy fan!

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