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I've been real quiet around here, but that's because things have been so crazy every where else! A few days away from the keyboard, which was quite refreshing actually. I even took an extra half day away when we got back from Storyland, because it felt so good!

Work also has been busy, as we are rolling out a new version of our software, always an exciting time. I've also begun helping out on a new Linux blog called Linux Brain Dump. I've been looking for somewhere to share technical writing chores, and this has been working out pretty well. See especially James' post The 10 Commandments for New Linux Users, which generated plenty of hits and comments.

But I have still been reading and watching movies, so here's some capsule reviews of each. First up, the movies:

  • Twelve Monkeys - this was my HD rental and really looked spectacular. Filled with those special Terry Gilliam touches, it really loooked and sounded great. Of course, anothe Gilliam touch is sort of losing track of the story in the interest of great visuals, and I thought that happened here. Looks like from the same future as Brazil. I liked it but it was a little overlong too.
  • Yi yi - a Chinese movie about family life, I found it hard going for some reason. And when the DVD stopped playing on my player, I gave up and just sent it back.
  • The Queen - my first HD OnDemand rental, I was very pleased with the picture and sound. Despite missing the icon on the info screen, the sound was, in fact, Dolby Digital 5.1, so it sounded great. This movie, which won Helen Mirren a Best Actress Oscar, is about those trying days for the British monarchy after Princess Diana died in a car accident. The acting was just amazing and so believable, but I kept trying to imagine how they knew what these people were thinking, especially with such a recent event. I also found it hard to empathize with these people, being so insulated from real life. But it was a fun movie.
As for books, I read Bangkok 8 by John Burdett, after reading SteveP's rave review. I've needed a good, easy to read mystery, and this filled the bill admirably. The setting of Bangkok was exotic and interesting. Being a devout non-believer, the mystical Buddhist theory got a little tiring after a while and I lost track of all of the myriad plotlines, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. To show you how tangled things get, I'm not exactly sure what the Bangkok 8 even refers to!


Apparently Bangkok 8 is the third instalment of a sequel: Bangkok Tattoo and Bangkok Haunts - maybe it's less confusing if you read the other two as well - I'm one of those sad-cases that have to read/watch the first before I can move on - don't like being confuzzled!

Hmm, SteveP says it is the first? I too am a stickler for reading things in order! Drives me crazy when my girls jump willy-nilly around in a series, even if they are connected tightly, like the Magic Tree House series.

During my lunch break - out of curiosity I went to my bookshop. There are three books, but not sure which one was first - didn't get the chance to read the inside covers - but I managed to figure out that the "8" represents the district. District 8 apparently. Maybe try reading the other two?

Magic Tree. Oh I miss that!

Right, I think Bangkok 8 refers to the 8th Police District where the hero is stationed.And Bangkok 8 was the first in the series followed by Bangkok Tattoo which I bought but haven't gotten around to yet.  Believe me, I'm one of those 'sad cases' too.Glad you liked it.

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