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Some pretty emotional stuff from Christopher Hitchens, describing how his words influenced a young man to serve, and die, in Iraq.

Hitchens was an early Iraq war proponent and remains a staunch apologist for the war, but he comes at it from a very practical point of view - if we don't control these religious fanatics now, we could truly be facing Armageddon (and don't make the mistake of assuming the total absence of Al Qaeda ties with Saddam that he was some kind of agnostic ruler).

It's an admirable point of view, but unfortunately entrusted to complete boobs and arrogant incompetents. And I still think preemptive strikes is the wrong method. But I don't know nearly as much as many, especially Hitchens.


well, frankly, if the U.S. were to fight all religious fanaticism, they'd have to start in their own backyardi'm not a proponent of preemptive strikes, either

[this is good] this article totally made me sob.

But it is, at least, unlikely that our religious fanatics will get weapons of mass destruction (to use an odious phrase).

Yup, I got pretty choked up myself, esp. thinking about my 20 year old nephew fighting over there. He just got back from his 2nd tour, luckily still in one piece.

well, i consider Shrub to be a bit of a religious nutter - or at least pretending to be a religious nutter - he's a nutter, in any case - he's definitely got his grubby, corrupt, hands on some "WMD's" (i'm not please with the term myself)

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